It is official! I've decided to join the Sears National Kids with Cancer Ride (SNKCR) and ride across Canada.  

When I first heard about SNKCR I immediately wanted to be a part of this cause.  But then I heard I was to ride across Canada on my bike.  "What?!" I said.  "Yeah, you start in beautiful Vancouver!" a fellow rider tells me.  "What?!?" I said again.  "Then you ride for several days until you end up in the majestic shores of Halifax!" the rider continued excitingly.  "What?!?!" I uttered for the 3rd time. While he continued to explain the 15 day journey, my mind started a journey of it's own.  A race where I travelled through doubt, nervousness and lack of confidence.  I wanted to rub my brow while he spoke as if I was already sweating just thinking about the ride.  

I somehow steadied myself and asked myself my personal question when ever I'm faced with a challenge, a life changing experience or encountered negative outcome.  "Is this greater than the worse day in your life"  And if the answer is "No".  Then my immediate response is "Than this too you can overcome"  

Not many people can have the unfortunate experience to recall the worst day in their life.  However, I can.  My worst day was when my daughter died in my arms.  Though Jaida did not die to cancer, I too know what it is like to wait helplessly by the bedside why your child fights for their life.  I too know the suffering and pain the child endures as they are administer medicine to help with their progress.  I too know the feeling of devastation when you are told the unthinkable "Their is nothing else we can do for your child".  And I too know what it's like to say goodbye as they take their last breath.  And if the Lord was able to bring me back from that depth of pain only to conquer anything that is put in my path, surely I'm able to accept and fulfil this challenge as well.  

After I answered that question in my head, my imaginary journey transformed from doubt to confidence.  I could envision the accomplishments from the beginning to end.  I like to say I decided right there and then but ofcourse I needed to speak with my family, my closet friends and my Lord.  But now that I've decided I'm more excited than ever.  Please join me on my journey as I train, raise awareness to this cause and ultimately ride across our beautiful country Canada.  

"But first thing is first", I said when I finally gave my answer "Where can I get a decent bike?" 

My name is Carl Reid, I'm a member of SNKCR and I'm riding across Canada.  

Thank you for the compliment of your interest and support.

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Normally the secret engagement ends in a resounding "I do"!  But like a illusionist with more than one trick up his sleeve Dan asked Dani to sit down and enjoy the next phase of his Secret Proposal.  Enter Errol Fisher...
 1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 22.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-BW 6.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 26.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 25.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-BW 8.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 27.jpg1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 32.jpg

And now the reveal...the amazing event planner Lida from Save my Date who developed this secret engagement concept from start to finish was watching the proposal unfold from the balcony seats.  

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 33.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 31.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-BW 17.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 53.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 36.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 38.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-BW 15.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 41.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 35.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 48.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 47.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 44.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 45.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 46.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 50.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 51.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 56.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-BW 19.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-BW 20.jpg

It didn't end here but rather Dani was wisked away in a limousine to another secret proposal celebration that continued long into the night.  When you have a moment ask Dani what happen after the limo ride???  

Congratulations to both Dan and's only just the beginning.  

Event Planner: Save My Date
Location: St Lawrence Theatre of Arts
Entertainement: Errol Fisher

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bycostello says:

a gret collection of oimages

(05.06.13 @ 05:32 AM)
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9 must be Dani's new favourite number.  The 9th of March is the day that Dan proposed to Dani.  But not just any proposal...a secret engagement proposal on a stage, under a spot light, surrounded by sea of rose petals at the St. Lawrence Theatre.  

With the help from Lida, an Event Planner from Save My Date, they elaborately decorated the path, staircase and ultimately the stage for the purpose of proposing to Dani.  And so Dan sat in a huge theatre reserved for two, quietly and calmly waiting for the next phase of his life to enter the theatre doors.  

I imagine he was reflecting on past memories as a picture slideshow of Dan+Dani displayed above the stage.  Or perhaps he surrendered to the excitement of it all and was closing his eyes to steady his nerves.  Or maybe he was just rehearsing the words leading up to the proposal.  Either way, Dan waited until he received the words that launched him out of the chair with eager purpose..."she is here!"  

We quickly got into positions waiting for Dan to escort Dani into a theatre, down the stairs and on to centre stage.
Enter Dan and Dani...

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 4.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 8.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 9.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 10.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 12.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-BW 4.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 13.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 14.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 15.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 17.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 19.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-BW 5.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-BW 9.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-BW 11.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 21.jpg

1KW-DD-SecretEngagement-C 22.jpg

But then there is more...stay tuned for part II.

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