Last Saturday wifey and I had a few moments to ourselves on a Saturday afternoon.  So we did what any couple would do to take advantage of the free time and make sense of their relationship.  We went to the Interior Design Show (IDS 2011) in hopes to look, research and satisfy our insatiable love for cool and funky design.  Imagine walking through an exhibit that is just as colourful and sexy as the auto-show.  Yes it may not be as flashy but similar to the auto-show you are drawn to touch, feel and sit in all the items on display.  Here are a few images from our time wandering the floors.



One of my wife's favourite items was this light fixture, it's not my style but I have to admit the colour is striking.

One of my favourite pieces is this carpet from W Studio. I can't really explain why but it stopped me in my tracks.  I found the design to be moving with it's rapid jagged and soft components aligned in an non random fashion.

This took all my strength not to touch this exhibit!!!

 We would both love to shoot an engagement or wedding using these exhibits.  Can you imagine a wedding reception lined with these IKEA lights across the ceiling.

Or to shoot an engagement photo using Earth Inc's exhibit as the main focal point?

Finally, I have a mad crush on Sara Richardson so I eagerly visited the Sibling Reverly exhibit hoping to get a glimpse of her.  I connected with her once before in a similar crowded setting.  It made for a difficult conversation with a swarm of people waited patiently to ask her a variety of design questions.  But I tried to play it cool.  So when it was my turn to connect with Sarah I had nothing meaningful to say.  I'm not sure why as I've met a variety of celebrities through photography connections but for some reason I froze.  Sarah not wanting to be rude and sense my inability to strike a conversation took upon her self to show some of her furniture design to my wife and myself.  I bashfully and politely nodded my head as to understand the subtleties between furniture art and design.  But let's face it I was awe strucked.  Thank goodness wifey was there to run interference and fill the empty silence.  Ofcourse I would be reminded of that event on occasion when ever Sarah's House was on tv.  

But this time, I told myself while waiting in line for her exhibit, it would be different.  I don't know what I would say but I promised myself I would not blurt out my admiration for her style and grace.  Instead, we would chit chat about modern ideas around the latest design techniques.  And in a peculiar magical way she would sense our interest in design and somehow the conversation would seamlessly transition to her offering to design our basement/studio.  I would ofcourse responded with initial "thank-you..." and "we couldn't trouble you..."  Only to ultimately say yes and schedule time for us to all connect for coffee or tea...  But ofcourse I woke out of my daze while waiting in-line only to realize Sarah unfortunately was not there at the time we were toured her exhibit.  

Non the less I found myself standing in what I thought was one of Sarah's signature style of strong colour tones and a variety of textures in her yellow bedroom.  I took a few images hoping with every click of the shutter that one day I'll be admiring my basement/studio designed by Sarah in a similar awe struck fashion.  Or at least hope for that possibility...enjoy.



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We had a chance to visit our friend over the weekend for our annual winter dinner.  But not before we took to the slopes.  

And the slopes were massive and cranky that day my friends.  As if to prove a point, the slope consistently threw me and my son off our boards into a large heap of snow.  Nevertheless to show my son "the never give up" philosophy I continued to brave the slope, the elements and the board.  

Reflecting back on that day and combing through the pics, I think you know who won...



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I recently asked the social world "a photographer is a person who...?" and received a variety of answers.  Great answers such as an artist to a promoter; from an event planner to even a magician. To be honest, I agree with all the examples listed above. But if I could explore a little bit deeper, from our experience... 

As photographers, we are invited to see people as they are, their interaction with each other and access a different aspect of their lives that may not always be public to the world. 

We have the luxury to learn about our clients not through their appearance but through our connection during the photo session. The only way we know how to express intimacy between couples is to ensure that clients are comfortable with us and themselves in order to expose their vulnerability.

But most important we are given the opportunity to be a positive impact by providing a true and natural view of themselves. The satisfaction to us is when the image invokes what is felt at the moment the shutter clicks.

As a photographer or a client What is your definition of a photographer?


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bycostello says:

Firstly i think you need to be a businessman... secondly and artist... even though you might want it the otehr way, you have to pay the bills.

(01.26.11 @ 04:49 AM)
Carl Reid says:

Ahhh...good point, but let' say we agree with that concept, what % is Photog vs. Biz???

(01.29.11 @ 10:28 PM)
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